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New range of surface mount diplines available

Designed to meet the growing need for surface mount forms of construction, the new DIPLINE range of Delay Lines from LEXOR provides both tapped and programmable delays within a surface mount 0.3" and 0.6"format. The range encompasses delays from 1 nS to 4mS over a wide range of impedances for both pulse and video applications in 4 pin to 40 pin rugged housings with connection pin-outs capable of being tailored to meet customers requirements.

LEXOR have been designing and manufacturing Delay Lines in Coventry since the early 1960's; their long-standing expertise and experience is readily available to present and future clients.

New "Lamps" for Old?

Lexor, specialists in the design and manufacture of Delay Lines, have recently introduced their "Aladdin's Lamp" service. They have done this to provide new Delay Line equivalents to those previously made by other original producers but which have now been declared obsolete.

As Operations Manager, Claudio Risi, commented, "We have helped so many individual customers on a one-to-one basis by providing them with specially designed replacements that we felt we ought now to offer this service on a wider basis as more and more original manufacturers are rationalising their product range and non-mainstream devices such as Delay Lines are often the first to go."

The Lexor name has been associated with the design, development and manufacture of Delay Lines for over 35 years, and all functions including manufacturing and test continue to be undertaken at their Coventry, U.K., headquarters.

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